Here at Flap Your Jacks, we believe in creating connections with people through creativity, imagination, and great food. There is nothing we enjoy more than providing a beautiful, modern space for you to create memories while having a blast and eating delicious food along the way (super fresh food made with top quality ingredients).


Flap Your Jacks
is the new
breakfast spot in town.

Come join the fun and become a pancake artist. Feel the power of the spatula and get creative, your pancake art is only a flip away.

Not into flippin’? Don’t worry, our menu offers
many spectacularly delicious options.

Our calling?
To provide the best ingredients
in order to create wonderful
memories through food.

Our secret weapon?
A spatula that loves to flip.

Our pancakes?
Scrumptious! After all,
they were prepared by you!

The overall experience?
Deliciously unforgettable.


Get ready to enjoy breakfast like never before.

We guarantee every visit to Flap Your Jacks
will be an amazing experience.