North Park’s Newest Breakfast Spot Offering Do-It-Yourself Pancakes and More

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A new daytime eatery with a focus on breakfast is landing at 3020 University Avenue. The 4,200-square-foot space, which includes a mezzanine, is currently vacant. Called Flap Your Jacks, the eatery is scheduled to open June 2019 in North Park.

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Griddle-Your-Own Pancakes Restaurant Flap Your Jacks Opens In San Diego's North Park

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Now open in San Diego's North Park community is brunch-focused Flap Your Jacks, a 4,200 square-foot, cook-your-own pancake concept featuring tabletop griddles and an extensive breakfast and brunch menu.

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Griddle-your-own pancakes restaurant coming to North Park this year

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SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Breakfast and brunch aficionados will soon have a whole new reason to flip over the most important meal of the day. "Flap Your Jacks" is bringing its own take on the traditional breakfast dish to North Park later this summer. The eatery will take over 3020 University Ave. with a bright, modern space featuring a custom art installation of "thousands" of spatulas hanging from the ceiling and a syrup-topped stack of "pancakes" on the building's facade.

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Flap Your Jacks and unleash your inner child

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Flap Your Jacks has only been at this a couple of weeks, but already television screens positioned around the dining room rotate photos of its customers’ pancake creations. I saw a deftly sketched pikachu, and pancakes poured to spell out words….The familiar muppet face of Elmo appeared on the screen, and one of the many helpful servers patrolling the restaurant brightly told me an eight year old had made it.

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— Ian Anderson

Breakfast Gets Interactive in North Park with Griddle-Your-Own Pancakes

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Bringing a do-it-yourself sensibility to breakfast and brunch, North Park’s new daytime eatery Flap Your Jacks revolves around a flip-your-own pancakes concept, with griddles installed at every tabletop on which diners can cook up a variety on pancake batter flavors, from classic buttermilk to banana bread and peanut butter, with vegan and gluten-free options available.

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— Candice Woo

Flap Your Jacks in North Park officially reopens after forced closure

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NORTH PARK (KUSI) – A brand new breakfast/brunch restaurant in North Park, Flap Your Jacks was forced to close due to the Coronavirus pandemic after only three weeks of being open for the very first time. Flap Your Jacks owner, Marc Wornovitzky says, “We were very frustrated we weren’t allowed to stay open. However, we are very excited that the community has been supporting us and having a ton of fun here.”

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Squeeze, wait and flip

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For starters, the “flip your own” approach at Flap Your Jacks is optional. No judgment is passed if you decide to spare your lazy little hands the task of applying batter to your table’s built-in griddle and then giving your spatula a twist of the wrist. Yes, a full menu and gleaming new kitchen are in place—driven by a professional chef—should you prefer ordering something like Monte Cristo French toast or extraordinary lemon souffle pancakes, which you should do as well in another visit. They’re festooned with citrusy mascarpone cheese and assorted berries and sport a wildly light and airy texture.

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3020 University Avenue
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